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Virtual Reality tour services are commonly referred as 360 degree video which comes in generally two different formats including 2D and 3D. The later one is more impressive because it helps adding a stronger sense of depth by providing viewers the feeling of being physically present in that environment.

These 360 virtual tour services can be watched on desktop, tablet, mobile and also on the VR headsets.

Key Strengths Of VR Marketing

  • VR is best suited to high end luxury brands and one of the main reasons is that the technology is able to truly showcase the product and experience its glory. Here are some of the key strengths this 360 virtual tour services marketing technique has.
  • It connects people easily just like a good book as VR has the power to transport people to another place and anytime. The best thing VR does is that it allows guests experiencing a property not just see it.
  • With traditional video, properties most of the time create false impressions of any property by adjusting the camera angle or avoiding some spots to shoot. VR shows every single angle of the room and make things clear as much it can.
  • On a broader level, VR helps showcasing unique selling points as these virtual tour services try to differentiate through photos, branding or service, but at the end of the day, the experience is what gets people to engage. .
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