Virtual Tour

What is a virtual Tour ?

A virtual tour is an interactive experience where the user can explore a space by choosing where to go and what direction to look in at all times from a computer or mobile device. View360Degrees deploys advance state of the art 3D scanning technology to enrich the typical virtual tour experience, and delivers the completed virtual tour by easy to view URLs.

Why do I need a Virtual Tour for my property?
How are your virtual tours different?

Good question! Others (we hate the word competition) capture a couple of 360 Degree pictures and then place them together to form an array of pictures (where you jump from one picture scene to the other). While at the other hand, we provide you a VR ready walkthrough – where everything is seamless, and you could literally experience the property as if you were physically present.

How long does a 3D virtual tour photography session take?

Well, we try to be as quick as possible. We plan the shoot while doing the site visit. An average real-estate property of 2500 square feet can be scanned in about 60 minutes. A more open concept space such as a wedding venue or a convention center lobby can take a little longer. Typically we can capture a 10,000 sq. ft. venue in about 3 hours!

What is special about “3D immersive tours”?

Literally everything! Each of our virtual tour allows for a 360° view from the interior of any space, as if you were walking through it yourself. While conducting the 360° photography, we also generate 3D scan data, which allows for a bird’s eye 3D dollhouse view of the space. The user can easily navigate between the broad perspective 3D view, and the up-close perspective 360 views.

Can you add more information to the tour?

Your wish, our command! The tour is enriched by allowing our clients to highlight certain aspects of their space with interactive pop-ups, features a highlight reel with automatic playback for a “sit back and relax” viewing experience. We can also add your custom pictures / videos in the pop-ups, and in case you wish to redirect the viewer to your website / shopping cart or any external link connected to any specific place in the tour, we would be happy to add that for you. The tour works in VR, and we urge you to see it to believe!

What is included in the deliverables?

We provide you a complete package – with short url’s of your virtual tour, and an embed code if you wish the tour to feature on your website. Also, we can provide you with high quality 2D pictures from the scans and a video show reel. Apart from the standard deliverables, we can also provide to-scale floor plans and CAD drawings of your property. If you are into interior design or engineering construction, we can provide you the .obj files / point clouds of the scanned space at an additional cost.

How can I get started?

Duh. This is simpler than 2+2. Call Us Already (+91-98-0360-0360) or shoot us a mail ( and we would get back to you soonest!

360 Video

What is a 360 Video?

A 360 video, also called a spherical video or VR video is a form of immersive media that enables the viewer to choose whichever direction they want to look in. It’s as if the viewer is standing where the camera was during the shoot.

How can I view a 360 Video?

There are many ways to enjoy 360 videos online from a computer, smartphone, or a virtual reality headset. Facebook and YouTube are the most popular and readily accessible 360 viewing platforms because the 360 viewer is built in. You simply click and drag on the video screen to choose where to look. Cellphones and tablets have it even easier; simply rotate the screen to look around. However, to experience the videos in full, we recommend using a VR headset.

Is this shoot a lot more complicated than a traditional photography shoot?

Generally speaking, a 360 video shoot isn’t much more complicated or time consuming than traditional video. The important thing to consider is that everything is in frame at all times. Camera angles and perspectives are decided during the creative concept phase.

How long does it take for a 360 Video to edit?

This is entirely dependent on how long the video is, the type of story, the amount of visual effects needed and the complexity of the shoot. A finished video can take anywhere from a few days to a few months to edit and deliver.

What is the take home?

This is like mummifying your events! No, we ACTUALLY MEAN IT. Once a shoot is done, we do the postproduction work and then furnish the “memories” to you preloaded in a VR headset. Even if you pick to view the video 10 years later, you would feel like being present in the event.


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